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Crossing Wires

Lianne Hall

When the late great John Peel has described someone as “One of the great English Voices” you have to presume it’s something special.

Can you imagine the heart & riot grrrl soul of Kimya Dawson with a stunning, heart wrenching singing voice & astonishing originality? Don’t even try. Just click the link at the bottom of this review & buy the record.

I would desperately love to see a list of all the instruments used on this records (the large majority of which were played & recorded by Hall herself. The album title referring to the number of wires used to record it). If it was printed & bound it would be thicker than the phone book. Yet each song has an honesty & beauty that is never over layered or produced.

Each track tells a story & has its own identity & feel, but they are also part of a larger picture, or shoebox of faded old photographs that you pull out from time to time & sit & smile at how everyone used to look. It captures a set of times & places so vividly I feel I could have been there with her.

DIY can be pretty & folk pop can be modern. This record proves this & also what an incredible home grown talent we have hiding in the south.

Listen: www.myspace.com/liannehall