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El Presidente (Single)


“This is a hen party.

This is another. This is a third. Now form a hire company.”

Limozine. Limo ‘zine. Get it? Sorry, but it’s kind of appropriate, given the retro punk vibe that these guys deal in. The music in ‘El Presidente’ is a little bit more garage rock, with maybe even a bit of rock’n’roll twang, but the vocals do have an occasional injection of spirit of ’77 bile, and a sneer that Lydon would probably give his butter money for. ‘Junkie Girlfriend’ is a more morose number, actually sounding a bit like the Pixies thanks to the fairly prominent bass sound. The lyrics are pretty minimal (don’t give anything to his “junk- junk- junk- junk- junkie girlfriend” apparently), but with both songs less than three minutes long, I suppose you don’t really need much, and being simple and trashy is half the fun.

Listen: www.myspace.com/limozine