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I Don’t Know (Single)

Lisa Hannigan

Best not to judge an artist from the reviews quoted in their blurb.

Lisa Hannigan eschews drownedinsound cool-chasing or common-man Sun-seeking, weighing straight in with praise from the Times, Telegraph and FT. Thankfully, she is nowhere near as tedious as her press would suggest. Over a bright, acoustic bounce that the Corrs may have discarded for not being anodyne enough, her voice croons a wonderful blend of Cat Power smokiness, J Newsom cracked innocence and quieter-moments Bjork. The track doesn’t stick around with any unnecessary fiddle solos, either, and there’s no hint of any bearded real-ale zealots with their fingers in their ears being anywhere near this. One for the festivals and after, it’s all good.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lisahannigan