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Loch Vostok

The best thing about the PR slip that accompanies any release I have to review is always comparing the written word to whatever is tumbling out of the speakers.

And it is always comforting to know that more often than not they are deluded or off the mark somewhat. It’s like a comfy chair that doesn’t fit your décor scheme but you keep it anyway. Especially good on this release by Swedish “melo-death” band Loch Vostok (other than the mushroom cloud on the cover) is the inclusion of the PR company picking out the best tracks on the album and telling you which they are. So meaning I don’t have to listen to the whole thing. But being a professional, I knuckled down to the whole thing.

Loch Vostok are not really bad by any stretch of the imagination it’s just the PR info is way off the mark. There are no vocals from hell whatsoever, sorry to disappoint you. Also it’s not really melodic death metal at all, more akin to melodic power metal with slight death overtones. Sorry for being so anal about that.

It’s a technically proficient, sterile metal album. Strong harmonies and tight playing but it leaves me cold. A lot of this sort of metal does. They play well, they can write a good melody. Sufficient.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lochvostok