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The Golden Cross, Coventry 08/03/2008

Lookout Joe

First off I’d like to say that it’s a welcome relief that a music venue in Coventry has turned the tide on the noise police and returned.

Not at considerable cost either, The Golden Cross ran a fund raiser the week previous to pay for the sound proofing.

Well it was Saturday night on the 8th of March and I was late fro the 1st band Living With The Bear. I did manage to see the last 2 songs in their entirety and was pleasantly surprised. Very much in the vein of the stomping bluesy rock that is The Raconteurs, LWTB had my head nodding within seconds. And if the length of those 2 songs was anything to go by, I only missed a few songs.

Next up were Rugby’s The 7.20’s, having heard them on their myspace only a few days ago I wasn’t expecting so many people on stage. There are 6 of them in all and my personal opinion is 1 or 2 are a bit superfluous but it’s their band who am I to argue. With a sound not too dissimilar to Mansun they were very easy on the ear, if a bit repetitive in their songs.

Finally we had Lookout Joe, this 3 piece are anything but new to the scene in Coventry having previously been members of the band The Magic Kebab. If Ben Folds Five was your cup of tea then these guys are right up your street. Their songs are flawlessly entertaining and they are all so talented it makes you sick. With that in mind I sometimes wonder if you can do something on the drums or keyboard, does that make it right to put it needlessly into a song? Of course it does, what is live music without a bit of showmanship!

On a final note it disappointed me that towards the end of the last band, that only one member of the other bands was still in attendance. When will other bands realise that if they stick around, their friends will too? And so they will see people stick around for when they are also on last in the future.