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Hermes Pan (Single)


Whilst definitely not ‘low key’ (despite the name), this lunatic Leeds collective do verge on the, ahem, wank-y.

Pourquoi le sarcasme? You may ask, if you haven’t clicked somewhere else already. Allow me to explain. Singing a song named after Fred Astaire’s choreographer, sounding like a lost B-side from some obscure 1980s band no-one can quite remember before crashing into a nastily tinny rock-out ending, Loqui’s imagination and pretension need further mixing. The actual B-sides on offer, a floaty wisp of a thing which almost expires under the effort of being listened to and a pointless vox-out of the lead track, don’t set anything racing, either. Apparently they’re great live. They’d have to be.

Listen: www.myspace.com/loqui