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Spawning The Nephilim

Lord Mantis

Now this is more like it; dirty, nasty metal.

After the clean cut, sterile chug of some of my recent reviews it’s always nice to get some proper aggression and venom going through the speakers.
Lord Mantis arrives at us from a blackened, crusty, oppressive sounding angle, mixing elements of black metal (they feature an ex-Nachtmystium guitarist) with a very crusty Am-Rep sound is slightly different from the norm and gives the album a very evil melodic streak. Imagine Today Is The Day, His Hero Is Gone and Gorguts playing wizards in Absu’s practise room and that’s where this is sort of going. The guitar sound mixes the melodic black with the-wall-of-noise crust approach, dropping in and out of relentless, pounding charges with massive grooves that lock down and allow the valuable breathing space that makes music like this needs to hit so hard.

Combining this with a 3-fronted vocal attack and you have a massively horrible listen that pounds its way through the seven tracks in no time. I had this on repeat quite a bit over the last few weeks and it’s been a real good antidote for cookie-cutter brutality.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lordmantis