Die Shellsuit, Die!

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London’s ULU 23rd October

Los Campesinos

With heavy emphasis on elongated song titles, multiple syllables and wordy band names for tonight’s show, no setting could be more suitable than the academic surroundings of London’s ULU.

Canadian five-piece We Say Party You Say Die!, bound on stage and attack the crowd with a racy set laced with thunderous beats, and short sharp songs like strikes of lightening. The energy is relentless, as lead singer Becky Ninkovic, becomes a flash of pink (in her jump-suit) as she leaps and dances across the stage. During spiky hit He! She! You! Me They! We! Us, OK!, she sings so fervently she resembles how Karen O might be after downing twenty espressos and a dodgy acid tab. Then the indie-punksters invite tonight’s headliners, Los Campesinos to join them in revelry for a shout-along session.

Possibly the holders in the title of Cardiff’s largest indie offerings, ’team Campesinos’ are a mass of bodies as the boys and girls take to the stage and bring forth round two of the indie-pop onslaught. By now the crowd are revved up in preparation before they bop about to the tinkles from Gareth’s glockenspiel and swoon under the dainty vocals, courtesy of Aleksandra.

Recent single, International Tweexcore Underground appears as a self-referential theme song, twee being the band’s forte, while infectious hit You Throw Party We Throw Knives, shows humble front-man Gareth, proving it is possible to ‘rock out’ on the glockenspiel, as he becomes a crazy blur of hair and stick.

The orchestral vibe of ‘camp Campesinos’ could be attributed to the fact that they are a seven piece, and despite their numbers, the main focus lies with the duets that take place between the two singers, that is until tonight’s highlight arrives with dance-floor anthem, You, Me Dancing!, which sees violinist Harriet, grab some of the spotlight too.

The band’s oddball sound and extensive story telling is what sets them apart from some of their more generic indie contemporaries, but while these bands may monopolise the forefront of the scene for now, it won’t be long until Los Campesinos find their place among them. The joys of band camp!

Listen: www.myspace.com/loscampesinos