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Hoxton Bar And Grill, London - 21.05.2008

Love Is All

Jerking the audience in this Hoxton bar back to an over-excited playful state of childhood tonight with a colourful performance, Love Is All induce the carnival.

Grinning with the zesty eeriness of a children’s TV presenter as she leads the Swedish quintet’s parade, singer, Josephine Olausson’s fingers are all a blur on her keys. Her kooky vocals, are part Bjork and part Karen-O, with the lingering spirit of 90s riot grrl. This combined with James Ausfahrt’s intrusive Saxaphone adds to their ability to stimulate even the motionless of bodies within the room to break into some form of movement. Talk, Talk, Talk, Spinning and Scratching, and Busy Doing Nothing, all the stars from 2006’s debut, Nine Times That Same Song are all there, along with new offerings.

Attempting to end what seems like a short jolt of a set the band are inundated with eager protests, relenting with Make Out Fall Out Make Up in a rowdy finale, before the revelry ends and the toys are put back into their box.

Listen: www.myspace.com/loveisall