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The Sky Is Yours


If I’d written this review last week, the score would probably have been a few marks down.

We’re all human, and a shitty week and not paying much attention to what was on the stereo had me assuming that this was just another conveyor-belt emo release. But, with perseverance and a relaxing weekend, my initial doubts have been assuaged, and it’s actually turned out to be a bit of a grower.

Yes, there are a few negative points that I homed in on to start with. Tom Hill’s vocals are a bit lacking for my own tastes (it may be the similarity to FOB’s Patrick Stump that does it), and on occasion the music does veer a bit too close to Funeral For A Friend. ‘Set Sail’ in particular could have easily slotted in on ‘Memory And Humanity’, but this may be down to them sharing a producer, Romesh Dodangada. It still sounds good, with a rich sound and plenty of clout when it needs it, but there is the danger of getting dismissed off-hand, as I almost proved.
But with a little perseverance, you start to notice how well the songs are put together, and the patience that the band must have, moving through each song as slowly as is necessary. The variety of melodic passages and heavier riff breakdowns reminded me to dig out my Wilhelm Scream collection, and each track contains at least one long instrumental passage, if not more (the opener is in fact purely instrumental, essentially stretching the intro of ‘Here in Line’ to almost two minutes). Totting up the times, I reckoned that over a third of this EP went without vocals, and given my prior comment, I had to wonder if the purely instrumental route might be a possible one - I hope no-one’s coined the phrase post-emo yet.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lyurock