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Total Madness


Now, come on.

Surely every house has a copy of these tracks in one compilation or another, even if they don’t want to. They may even have the original vinyl singles (due for re-release soon, no doubt, perhaps in a boxed set shaped like a Routemaster bus). I can see ownership of this collection (or one of the zillions like it) being used by some lunatic political party as a sign of genuine ‘Englishness’. Anyway, the music is timeless and it’s a testament to the Nutty Boys’ talents that the sole new track on here (NW5) stands up effortlessly alongside the established classics. Boring family get-together coming up? Set up the camcorder and stick this on. You’ll have enough YouTube moments to keep you and your mates in stitches for years.

Listen: www.madness.co.uk