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The Borderline (27/07/2007)


The crowd gathered in the depths of London’s Borderline tonight, may have trouble holding on to the contents of their bowels as they become willing targets of a heavy assault from Anticulture records’ latest offsprings.

Spearheading the brigade of brutal beats, with their apocalyptic melodies that induce a mass of heaving bodies at the front of the stage are headlining act, Malefice.

Immediately, all eyes become focused on the quintet’s burly front-man, Dale Butler, as he charges his way around the stage with an uncompromising force and directs each roar at the individuals before him.

This force is strengthened by intricate and relentless riffs from guitarists Alex Vuscans and Ben Symons, which switch from rumbling rhythmic chugs one minute to macabre trails the next. Meanwhile behind them is drummer Craig Thomas, conducting the crowd into a pit pile-up as he hammers away on his kit.

While these boys from Berkshire play with an ominous presence, there are elements within their layers which point to noticeable influences including, Pantera, Lamb Of God and Machine Head.

Their performance tonight has an emphasis on the band’s forthcoming album, Entities (released later this month), with stompers like Bringer Of War and mid-set highlight, Dreams Without Courage, in which Justin Hill from Sikth joins them.

During this song, the singers transform into a double act as they stoop down and jerk back according to their vocal peaks, and both bask in the aggressive energy which flows around the venue. Even after Malefice take their leave and the entertainment halts, this energy remains in the air, following the people out up the stairs as they disperse into the night.

Listen: www.myspace.com/malefice