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You Are the Music (Single)

Mamas Gun

From what I can work out Mamas Gun consist of one Andy Platts and an assortment of hired hands with daft pseudonyms (‘The Professor’?

‘Union Jack’?!), who were in all likelihood paid with the blood of newborns given the musical evil on show here. In what can only be described as the epitome of insipid, the chorus goes: “you are the music in me girl/everything beautiful and true/all of the wonders of the world/nothing compares to you”. I almost didn’t hear the latter two lines due to involuntarily throwing up virtually all my bodily innards following the first two, a perfectly natural reaction to such hollow sentiment.

This lightweight funk feelgoodery is surely the sound in Jay Kay’s head when he opens a bank statement, as smug as Piers Morgan and fully twice as irritating. There’s also a key change so spectacularly predictable Westlife would raise an eyebrow, which conjures up images of stools, cordless mics and other assorted boyband paraphernalia. Platts himself appears on the cover with enormous curly hair, a Brent-esque goatee and a Libertines style jacket which together make him look like some kind of Mars Volta Bond Villain. Or Mika. Interestingly the copy of this I received was a CDR, suggesting that someone had already been instructed to do the decent thing and burn it.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mamasgun