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Man Raze

After a couple of tracks of nasty pub rock and one of nasty cod-reggae, this album settles into its true groove - that of a Def Leppard tribute band trying out some ‘original’ material.

Phil Collen does a fine job of impersonating his erstwhile Leppard Joe Elliott in the vox department, albeit without quite the same range (but we must be thankful for small mercies). It all sounds like Hysteria out-takes, so if you’re chronically Def you’ll be wetting your ripped jeans at the thought. Everyone else won’t be able to get over the irony of Collen singing ‘you’re runnin’ me up’ as ‘you’re windin’ me up’ or the offence against the Trades Descriptions Act of It’s Entertainment.

The music and hype suggests they should be pissing about in a pub somewhere, if they really want to ‘get back to their roots’. Instead they’re on Universal and playing this year’s Download. Our survey said . . . . . ‘EH-ER’.

Listen: www.myspace.com/manraze