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Man The Destroyer

Man The Destroyer

Man The Destroyer are your go-to band for bemoaning the evils of Homo Sapiens; ‘Here come the soldiers from the other side / Carrying flags and guns that severed heads / Children crying “Where’s my dad?

” ‘ (Soldier), “I have read between the lines, and came to realize / That freedom is a lie” (When Freedom Fails). You get the general idea, I’m sure. What one needs to underpin this chest-beating hand-wringing (is that possible?) is a sound of majesty and power, a sound to thrill hearts, inspire minds and drop knickers. That’s a pity, because what we have on this album is the kind of stumbling, generic metal that gives the genre a bad name.

There a brief flickers of flavour; All Form A Line shows a glimmer of dark imaginings, Freakout attempts a half-decent riff and Push It Down wants to ram it, but they are overwhelmed by undercooked stodge. They name check Metallica and Guns n’ Roses. I laughed.

Listen: www.myspace.com/manthedestroyermusic