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March Of Anger

March Of Anger

Sufficiently better than most stuff I have had recently.

March Of Anger are one of those bands that have avoided modern trends and fashions and still exist in a world where the 90’s never died. Machine Head, Kill To This and the like are more than likely on the stereo constantly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have utmost respect for people who buck trends. March of Anger I sense don’t do it on purpose, rather this is just the sort of metal they want to play. Sadly this sort of metal lacks the necessary that would have given it that little extra among the competition.

They chuck in some war themed samples into the beginning of “Blood Forever More” before the obvious melodic, eastern flecked guitar lines come in. The vocals are the usual gruff melodic type with some shoutier stuff as well.

It’s as standard as a metal album gets, they play well and have a nice production. God knows where this sort of stuff leads mind.

Listen: www.myspace.com/marchofanger