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March Of The Raptors

March Of The Raptors

The PR blurb goes to describe southern thrash merchants as a UK super group due to the members having done time in Mahumodo, Fireapple Red and some others.

Maybe that’s a bit of tenuous connection. Musically they don’t sound like any of their previous bands except within the more melodic parts (which sound like Avenged Sevenfold cast offs).

“Perish In Flames” kicks of pretty nicely with some intense pot banging and shouting. Then the annoying melodic refrain comes in and it loses that power it built up. I know this is the style and current popular trend but when will people realise it kneecaps any momentum.

It’s all played rather nicely and with a fair bit of determination. If melodic, thrashing metal is your thing then it may prick up your ears. Sadly I don’t like this sort of second generation (or maybe third? Fourth?) stuff.

Listen: www.myspace.com/marchoftheraptors