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Lipstick For The Vampires (Single)


Kate Nash always appealed to me because she had a warmth & ’I could be your mate’ feel about her.

Lily Allen had a self depreciating quality about her & they both wrote & still write bloody good pop songs with themes that resonate with people of all ages.

I get the impression Marla & her single seem to be trying to be like one of those two, but it doesn’t really come off with any of the good parts, more something slickly produced & concocted to appeal to a demographic. Some of her songs are written by the same people who write for the Jonas Brothers.

If she was a Vampire, she’d be a Twilight one, no real fangs & all sparkly, essentially bland in order to appeal to as many tweens as possible. In fact I’m sure the Vampire reference is a cash in.

I used to like Bella Luigosi vampires & the Lost Boys Vampires & Gary Oldman’s Dracula. That’s also how I like my music. So that won’t be this then.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thisismarla