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Oblivion (Single)


This band are ‘Prog Metal’.

How can you tell? Well, the song on offer here (from their current long-player Crack the Skye) sounds like three or four smaller songs stitched together. Fairly frenetic, thrashy verses drop into an excellent stomp of a chorus, before some swirly solos and heavy, psychedelic breakdown. It also has ‘banjo’ listed as one of the instruments used, although you’d be hard-pressed to make out where. Perhaps the drummer sat on it during the recording.

Mastodon certainly pack this track to the max - fearing for their audience’s attention span, perhaps? It’s a legitimate fear, these days. I’m breaking off between every word here to post something on Twitter saying how the review’s going. It’s exhausting. I sense that the full Mastodon experience could be exhausting, too. Progress doesn’t come without cost. Also, this track is reminiscent of under-rated Grunge victims Mind Funk. No bad thing, but who remembers poor Mind Funk?

Listen: www.myspace.com/mastodon