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The Great Lakes

McIntosh Ross

Venerable pop journeyman Ricky Ross returns with fellow erstwhile Deacon Blue vox Lorraine McIntosh, with a work of cinematic grandeur.

A wide vista is portrayed in each track, yet the duo never loses the sense of intimacy. Never is this more apparent than on Winter Is Coming, with its understated Caledonian breeze.

Mind you don’t fall into the easy trap of writing this pair of as 1980s has-beens. Oh no. Ricky and Lorraine still have much to offer the discerning music fan, regardless of age. Rockers of the harder sort may beg to differ, obviously. I think hardcore punks and jerky dance freaks will also, but you get my point, I hope. Seldom does an album come along which appears to be made for the bargain bin but is chock-full of pleasant surprises. Only Lorraine’s few Kate Bush-isms spoil things but they are, thankfully, rare (Bluebell Wood). Nice.

I don’t want to get all ‘Jazz Club’ on your arse, or damn this album with faint praise. Some would but not I. Age has not withered them, so we should not condemn. To do so would be unjust, indeed. Only listen and views will unfold for you. Over time, these views will widen. Let McIntosh Ross be your guides on your journey.

Listen: www.mcintoshross.com