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To Live And Die Alone


Pleasantly surprised, by the cacophonous racket that is opener “Marmaverken” and its disharmonious chugging melody.

You see, Meleeh seem to have hit upon a little vein of interest within hardcore. Taking elements of Breach, early Mastodon and post-rock and fusing it onto hardcore may not be new but Meleeh do it so honestly and with enough care to make it seem like it’s something fresh. For example: if Modern Life is War had grown up on Entombed and Breach it may well sound like this.

Across the ten tracks they show a very broad understanding of all things noisy while keeping everything ticking along. Occasionally it slips into an almost generic hardcore template but even generic by Meleeh’s standards is still more interesting than most bands.

It took me some time for this album to sink in, but once it did it is more than worthy of the time spent on it. Good, solid, forward thinking and honest music. Sweet.

Listen: www.myspace.com/meleeh