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Just Chromosome


Let’s skip the opening pair of bog-standard shouty-gargle metal on offer here, and head straight for the title track.

Just Chromosome has more light and shade but still riffs sharper than an ice-pick. Vocalist Marcus Michaelis is to be commended for shredding his larynx without losing his Bristolian accent, too - ‘you don’t troy, you don’t troy any more’. Situation Brain Dead is the strongest track overall, save for the vocals sounding slightly buried (unless we’re into full-on screamy-gargle-shred, of course). The band ‘get complex’ in No Angel and The Dark Passenger but manage to avoid any self-indulgent Proggy comparisons by the sheer weight of the grind, chug and slash. Not a triumph, but certainly a long way from being a moped.

Listen: www.myspace.com/bristolmerrick