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Fantasies is Metric’s fourth album and their first self-released.

Musically, it’s not that great of a departure from Live It Out both albums are ten tracks of synth-driven indie pop.

With Fantasies, the first two tracks are typical Metric, but it’s on Satellite Mind that the band start experimenting, opening the track with what can only be described as Mega Drive keyboards, it’s a warm, fuzzy, almost analogue keyboard sound. On Gold Guns Girls, the Sega keys are back, and the track is propelled by Joules Scott-Key’s relentless drumbeat.

Overall though, Fantasies is a bit of a letdown. The fast, dirty sounding, rock numbers are really some of Metric’s most brilliant work, but to be honest, I prefer the previous Metric album Live It Out. This album places more emphasis on ballads and down tempo songs and concentrates less on the indie rock singles that make Metric one of the most memorable indie bands of recent years.

Fantasies is a good album, but it’s not a great leap away from the sound of Live It Out.

Listen: www.myspace.com/metric