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Sick Muse (Single)


The world is awash with low level indie bands, any reviewer can validate this.

They’re everywhere and anywhere but the trick is to move out of the middle of the road and into the fast lane. Metric took 3 years out to attempt this and if the single is anything to go by... they could have done with another year.

Don’t get me wrong, ’Sick Muse’ is more than decent, a nice steady beat controlling the rhythm while the strong melodies take centre stage. Couple this with disjointed guitar riffs and a nice verse to chorus layout and you have a decent indie pop song. But where is the 3 years work the press pack promised me?! There is nothing particularly outstanding and it lacks any real creativity it’s just kinda, you know, there.

I’m sure Metrics fan base would disagree with me and I’m positive some people out there are happy with their 3 minute fill of Metric and if that’s the case then consider the single a thumbs up. From a personal opinion though, I fail to see how this track cannot be completely discarded ten minutes after hearing it, it’s just not memorable enough.

I was being a tad facetious with my 3 years statement because this is just a single and not an accurate representation of an album which I’m sure Metric feel is heartfelt, I was just a little, underwhelmed.

Listen: www.myspace.com/metric