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All Walks Of Life (Single)

Middle Class Rut


Finally there’s a guitar-and-drums duo that we won’t have to compare to the White Stripes. Actually, that comparison hasn’t been particularly relevant for a while now, what with the steady rise of bands like Two Gallants, Lightning Bolt, No Age, Dresden Dolls, Big Business … I guess this probably wasn’t the best way to start this review. Oh well.

MC Rut’s sound actually owes more to the two-man soundstorms (I apologise for that word) of Winnebago Deal or DFA 1979, with a dirty but danceable, stripped-down punk rock feel to it. The riffs and drum beats are simple and catchy, though the guitar does occasionally threaten to descend into a wonderfully chaotic mess - not exactly prog rock, but still engrossing. The Jane’s Addiction comparison they’ve picked up is perhaps a bit overused, as Zack Lopez’s vocals are a lot rawer than Perry Farrell’s (as befits the lo-fi production, all undertaken by the band themselves).

This is only being released as a digital download, though my promo CD comes with a radio edit. There are no obscenities that needed to be censored, but someone felt the need to chop 15 seconds out of the tune from somewhere - I couldn’t work out where myself, and I can’t understand why. Surely it’s down to the bare bones already - any further and you’d basically just be listening to a soundcheck.

Listen: www.myspace.com/middleclassrut