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Back From The Goats

Milking The Goatmachine

Goat’s and metal.

Cool! They go together perfectly. The goat long being the earthly form of The Devil to many people, Baphomet, the iconic goat headed creature. Scourge of Emmerdale’s Rodney in “The Devil Rides Out” and giving Cursed plenty of imagery to use. Not to mention the numerous Black Metallers that have posed alongside the cloven one on a hillside somewhere in Europe and who can forget Turbonegro’s classic “Ass Cobra” cover.

Milking The Goatmachine know how cool goats are. Every facet of their sound and music seems to be in worship of the beast. Well, maybe not worship. There is something slightly unsettling about seeing 4 guys wearing prosthetic goat heads and playing death/grind. I would say it’s more of a fetish with goats. Goats that blast and chug (and probably bleat) to their hearts content.

That’s where the main problem comes in. On first listen I was going to bang this in the deathcore camp, it took quite a few more before it becomes apparent that despite a tendency to let repetitive groove/blast/groove/blast structure run riot across your album, they seem to lean more towards classic death/grind than the constantly saturating, youth devouring underground monster that is the afore mentioned genre. It’s this repetition that ends up draining you on repeated listens; you know where its heading before each song is finished. Still, as a quick blast of nasty death it works well and it’s far more entertaining to listen to and look at than the Berzerker so they deserve a wee bit of praise for that.

Listen: www.myspace.com/milkingthegoatmachine