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Ayo Technology (Single)


‘Fiddy Polished Up By Belgian Shock’ could very well be the headline somewhere fo’ this pizzle-o shiz-lo, which has ripped through mainland Europe like a dose of schwein flu.

You may disagree, fans of the original, as Milow has shorn the track of its lumbering sense of being beaten around the head by a giant black dildo and, instead, crafted a lightly dark acoustic guitar trundle. Fiddy should get tha’ drop on this mofo before his next album and do the double - disc one, regular hippity-hop thuggaloo. Disc two - Fiddy breaks out his Lil’ Martin and goes all Cat Stevens on disc one’s silvery ass. Slo-mo shots of jiggly jugglies at sundown in da vid and you gots a winner. Fo’sho’.

Listen: www.myspace.com/milowbe