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One Touch (Single)

Mini Viva

Mini Viva are touring with Diversity.

If you don’t know who they are, they won Britain’s Got Talent. This tells you nothing about this single, I was just pretty confused. They don’t have much common on the face of it.

This single either sounds like a dance remix of an early (As True Blue era) Madonna, when she wasn’t an evil on which parents in the home counties use to scare their children with “Her arms will get you if you don’t eat your greens” or maybe “If you don’t learn how to speak properly you’ll end up speaking like Madonna” Kids have nightmares. Or possibly a girl covering old 80’s drag queen songs.

Actually those are both the same thing so take your pick.

It’s a pretty OK retro dance track, but I can’t help thinking it will probably make good montage music for an Ugly Betty scene where she eats lot’s of cakes & uses her Latina pluck to make a terrible fashion shoot go well. (That’s what happens on Ugly Betty right?) But I can’t really see it doing much else. Which may well be a shame.

Listen: www.myspace.com/miniviva