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Podium (Single)


MirrorKicks are a funkin’ rock band with Perry Farrell-esque vocals and they have a new single for us.

First off, there’s the single Podium, a lifting anthemic track of the like you might hear on a Saturday evening football show and second track is the darker, more brooding Stand Up.

These are two really good tracks, but it’s just a shame you can’t really hear the lyrics most of the time, mean they’re poor for singalongability. Also, both tracks have a build up about half way through, but they just don’t seem to build up to anything, as the power simply isn’t there and the bass seems to be very quiet in the mix.

It makes me wonder if this is a production issue rather than how the band imagined it to sound. But that said the guitars and strings, on the second track especially, should be epic but are so top end that they are epically headache inducing. Add to that the repetitiveness of the lead guitar; it starts to become a bit boring too.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mirrorkicks