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The Wulfrun (Wolverhampton) - 31st March 2006


I got sent tickets for this, my first live experience of Mogwai in order for me to review the show.

Now going against my normal gig etiquette I decided since it was in Wolverhampton and it would take me a good while to get there from the mighty town of Hall Green where I reside that I would wait a little while longer and attempt to miss the support band. Shocking I know. As a reviewer I should have done my up most to watch the whole show and report back. But I knew it was a band from Scotland that I’d never heard of called The Magnificents. Plus it was a Friday, and well, to be blunt I couldn’t be arsed.

Fait however was against me.

Arriving later on I walked in to find The Magnificents still playing and apparently it was early on in the set. Crap. It’s here that in a film you might expect the person in question to be shown the error of their ways and embrace this newfound band as amazingly magnificent. Alas, all it did was put my doubts on the table so that they resembled a nail, got a hammer and hit it straight on the head. The Magnificents were awful. It was like I was in a dingy pub where shitty indie, pub-rock crap played and no one gave a toss, not at a The Wulfrun in Wolverhampton supporting the mighty Mogwai. Basically the crowd clapped VERY lightly after each song, I heard some boos, the singing was terrible, the songs bland and samey and in general you can see I didn’t enjoy them. They COULD have wowed me over, sure they COULD have, I wasn’t in a bad mood, I would have given them a chance, but they blew that away by being terrible. Shame.

Onto the FAR more exciting prospect of Mogwai. Also hailing from the Highlands these Scottish lads gained a 10/10 score from me on their latest album “Mr Beast” released this year so I really was expecting a lot. They frankly didn’t disappoint. What they may have been lacking in charisma they more than made up for with well crafted and perfectly executed songs from men who have clearly honed their instrumental (mainly) talents to a tee.

I’m utterly abysmal at remembering what songs are on what album, and titles and whatnot so you’ll have to save that for the Mogwai forums to tell you, but a selection from their 10 or so years was rocked, including a large amount of new ones which I enjoyed immensely.

They manage to lull, explode and lull again with the greatest of ease. The light show was an interesting addition and the encore was in a word, massive!