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Hayloft (Single)

Mother Mother

Never has pop sounded so menacing than on Mother Mother’s single ’Hayloft’.

Lyrics beautifully & vividly describing a father going to find his daughter making the nasty with some poor boy in the aforementioned hayloft. The vocal harmonies are stunning & the variety of vocal styles on display here merely highlights the use of the voice as multi-functional instrument.

Easily flipping from creepy child-like repetition to harmonised chants, to sweeping dreamy refrains to bratty post punk. All underpinned by ever changing drumming & solid, spiked guitars.

The B-side could stand alone as a summery banjo lament of losing your temper, all played & sung as if it were a love song about long summer days doing nothing that doesn’t please you. The Vaudevillian break down as middle eight is just perfection. Raucous, yet soft, barbed, yet sugary. It’s a pleasurable thrill to listen to.

I’m surprised, excited & in love with both these songs. I’m on my third or fourth listen & I’m still finding things to tickle me.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mothermotherspace