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Mouse On The Keys

Anyone taking the time to investigate this Tokyo trio’s debut EP Sezession earlier this year should be more than ready for this, the band’s first long-player.

And it’s more high-quality Jazz stretching, pulling in everything from traditional Japanese airs one minute to crashing piano riffage the next (Forgotten Children), like the soundtrack to a particularly funky Miyazaki film - probably involving mice.

And not only is it Jazz but also a concept album, representing Tokyo. So, by rights, it should be the most turgid, pretentious drivel ever committed to plastic since the last stage school goonfest scored itself an advance off the back of their tutor once being mates with Pat Metheny. Or something. But it isn’t - it’s crisp, lively, uplifting, complex yet intriguing. Check out Double Bind, for a start. Then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Listen: www.denovali.com/mouseonthekeys