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In the Absence of Light

Mr Bones and The Dreamers

Coming on more intensely than a heart-wrenching scene in a period drama on TV, this Birmingham seven piece’s folk inspired EP, Are These Actual Miles?

is drenched in melodies that reek of the countryside. Considering their urban surroundings and city origins, it’s baffling trying to work out how Mr Bones and The Dreamers have managed to conjure a sound so organically rooted in nature, though the lyrics seem more metropolitan.

Wielding multiple instruments, a mandolin, violin, bass, accordion, keyboards and drums they could be a mini orchestra and it’s clear their many numbers attribute to their depth in sound. What a defining sound it is, with frontman Kieran Goddard’s vibrato surfacing strong particular on The Towers and weepy number, Time To Rest. An offering that’s sure to draw some form emotion from the listener, whether it induces admiration, empathy or aversion will depend on how easily moved they are. In this instance there was no stirring.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mrbonesandthedreamers