A Day To Remember  "For Those Who Have Heart"

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Author: Oliver Turner.

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I thought it was too good, having had the Freya album thinking “Finally some good stuff from Victory”. No, then along comes A Day To Remember with their sound the PR blurb describes as a cross between New Found Glory, Comeback Kid and Hatebreed. Which isn’t that far wrong, it’s just nothing spectacular.

With a genre like screamo (Daft phrase) there is a constant flow of new bands coming in, what separates them is only the quality of production a lot of times. With the exception of Alexisonfire, who have managed to distance themselves and develop past all of this most bands tend to just disappear.

Having sold a modest amount of CD’s and with some considerable touring experience behind them ADTR have all the qualities you need in this sort of thing. Clean vocals, bouncy melodies, token beatdown chugs and the gruff screamed vocals. What they miss is anything approaching originality. Not even that, you can hear all of this on any other album out there. Technically proficient and no doubt fun in the live arena but on record they are just another drop in the ocean.

Listen: www.myspace.com/adaytoremember


1. Fast Forward To 2012
2. Speak Of The Devil
3. The Danger In Starting A Fire
4. The Plot To Bomb the Panhandle
5. Monument
6. The Price We Pay
7. Colder Than My Heart, If you Can Imagine
8. Show Em The Ropes
9. A Shot In The Dark
10. I Heard Its The Softest Thing Ever
11. Start The Shooting

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