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Author: Dan Searles.

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Exit State’s latest offering Death of a Rockstar is a real mixed bag of influences and comparisons. On the whole they appear to emulate Welsh rockers Lostprophets, but it’s not quite as simple as that. The first track Lost Beyond Belief sounds like the Foo Fighters being fronted by Trent Reznor and other tracks the vocals differ between sounding like Dave Mustaine and Dexter Holland. Finally there also appears to be some Iron Maiden influence in the mix too.

What is amazing about this album is there are some truly inspired concepts which show a great maturity in song writing, alongside some of the most generic and clich├ęd riffs and lyrics there is. Take for example the grandiose and magnificently put together Death of a Rockstar Parts 1 & 2, these tracks are awesome but not at the same time. Exit State should have pushed it even further to make two classic tracks, not relying on the guitars simply chugging along; more use of the synths and the big ending could have been even more overblown.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a really good album, but it seems that some of the music and lyrics seem to have been written by and for teen rockers. Take songs Bad Days and Dirty Intoxicated, great tracks with fantastic singalongability, but their content is appalling. Exit State are a band with huge potential, let’s hope they build on this impressive start and evolve further as a band.

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1. Lost Beyond Belief
2. Out ’till 3
3. Dominates Me
4. Death of a Rockstar Part 1
5. Death of a Rockstar Part 2
6. Bad Days
7. Dirty Intoxicated
8. I know Where You Are
9. And She Said

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