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Mutiny On The Bounty

MOTB have both the pleasure of being the first Luxembourgian band that I have ever heard - to my knowledge - and they also have an acronym that appears to be a mashing of Minus the Bear and Match of the Day, now I can definitely hear the influence of an ex-Botch fingerboard botherer but I’m not spying any football filtering through, although I can imagine the over inflated cheese and onion grin of Gary Lineker bopping up and down, side to side to track 1 Call Me Cheesus.

Imagine a darkened room, then imagine that room slowly, terribly slowly mind, brightening from a tiny twinkling that seems to glint just less than a dozen pairs of eyes, facial features start pushing their way forward out of the dinge. An arched eyebrow here, a flared nostril there and although it has taken a few moments less than forever to fully illuminate everything in the room, you still blink those shadows away until the fully formed members of At The Drive-In, Thursday and of course Minus the Bear are stood there, beckoning you to listen to the record that they are all holding, which, if memory serves me correctly, is how I was first introduced to the music of Mutiny on the Bounty…. Or (which is more likely) instead of memory I have been accessing the medial inferior and pre-central areas of my brain as well as the hippocampus (which isn’t halls for fatties), middle temporal regions and the limbic areas.

If that had happened however, the invitation would have come from three bands that appear to have left a huge indent on Mutiny on the Bounty, there is also a drizzling of a more punk slice of rock, think Rancid slapping the arses of Rise Against, which comes across most heavily on Go Hide Your Neck.

MOTB definitely fit into the roster at Big Scary Monsters, although they are a more accessible option, a gateway band perchance? Anyways they still get a Big Scary Thumbs Up from me, as they are definitely my favourite band from Luxembourg and they would have to be extremely unluxembourg to not charm everyone who listens to them.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mutinyonthebountytheband