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Nakatomi Plaza

Nakatomi Plaza is dead.

This CD is a self released swansong, and I can only assume a fitting epitaph to the band. I say I can only assume, because somehow until now Nakatomi Plaza have managed to pass me by. I remember hearing a song (The Ghost Intrigue, I believe) on a No Idea compilation a while back and being rather impressed, but I never quite got around to following it up.

When I saw the name Nakatomi Plaza on the review list I figured I’d give it a go, since I remembered the name from somewhere. It’s now (after a good few listens) firmly ensconced on my top punk rock albums of 2009 list, along with things like Off With Their Heads, Balance and Composure (only an EP, but still) and Friends of Friends. Slightly discordant, anthemic girl / boy vocal punk rock with nods to fellow NY luminaries Latterman, Small Brown Bike, Pretty Girls Make Graves, At The Drive-In and even Fugazi, as well as some guitar lines and (almost) solos that wouldn’t be that out of place on an Iron Maiden album.

If you like punk rock then go to the website below and buy this record. Fuck Simon Cowell, fuck Rage Against the Machine, fuck the Christmas fucking number one and let a great band that did everything right and made some amazing music know that they will be sorely missed.

Long live Nakatomi Plaza.

Listen: www.myspace.com/nakatomiplaza