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Rhythm (Single)


Here’s a nice holiday handbag anthem for you.

There’s a touch of the Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt about naRa’s vocals, although whether the same can be said of her personality and live performance remains to be seen. Rhythm is inoffensive Eurovision dance with mildly Arabic influences (certainly not enough to get it searched at Customs, anyway). There are the usual couplets; ‘beat / sweet’, ‘walking / talking’, etc. There’s a ‘de-de-de’ bit where she’s enjoying things so much she can’t be bothered to check out the rhyming dictionary (or maybe she’s singing in Esperanto). It’s perfect for the bit of Ibiza where the middle-aged non-ravers go to sip cocktails and get their nostalgia sunburned. Or a Two Ronnies retrospective on Dave Ja Vu.

Listen: www.narafanclub.com