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Radio Silence

Neil Cowley Trio

Despite iTunes sucking this one in as ‘Unclassifiable’ and the PR rather over-optimistically describing the ‘unique sonic skin’, this trio are Jazz with a capital ‘Mmmmmm’.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, and indeed there are flashes of things other than the cocktail lounge in the likes of Gerald, for example. The track takes something which, in the hands of, say, Ben Folds, would be turned into contrived-kook overload and manages genuine uplift, in the manner of a well-fitting bra.

There are even moments when you sense the band are, shock horror, ‘rocking out’ but as they consist of piano, bass and drums this is inevitably somewhat limited. And that’s where I have to leave them - talented, certainly. Interesting, yes but unique? Unclassifiable? They take more than a few clever track titles, I’m afraid.

Listen: www.myspace.com/neilcowleytrio