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An Album Of (My) Epic Proportions...

My Epic

My Epic will release new album "YET" on the 6th of July through Dreamt Music.

The band has been working with Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland, Anberlin, Cartel).

Vocalist Aaron Stone had this to say about working with Matt and the outcome of their sophomore new album:

"One of the things we realized early on was that [Matt] doesn’t exaggerate. He says exactly what he means. If it’s good he says so but he never uses words like "awesome" or "amazing". That’s a quality we have really grown to appreciate over the last few years. The other great thing about Matt is that we already trusted that he knew what he was doing. This time around we felt really confident in the songs and we just wanted someone to help us maximize who we have become. We don’t ever want to make the same record twice. Matt was great at encouraging us to let this record become what it wanted to be.

YET is about the distance between that which has already been traveled, overcome, and discarded, and the journey still to come. It is about the evidence, even now, of what will be. It is about a G-d who is so brilliantly and blindingly big that our rational minds can only be left to cower at His depths. He is so magnificent that we cannot yet look Him in the eye and yet He desires to live within us. It is about the hope that arises when one truly realizes that we will be completely undone when we stand before Him and yet He loves us still and makes us what we could never be on our own."