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Destruction Of A Rose Give You Hell

Destruction Of A Rose

Destruction Of A Rose recently signed with BlkHeart Group and their new album "American Hell" will be released in Hot Topic stores and online on the 10th of August.

"With our last album Suspended in Time, we were trying to develop our sound. We spent a lot of time working out some kinks and trying to find our style." Singer EJ Salazar commented. "With American Hell we found a good sound that is more of a grown up DOAR and something that we can grow with and put our stamp on. We are hoping that this album will help us be a long lasting force in metal."

"Every person, not just Americans have these problems, and go through them everyday." Salazar adds about the title and theme of the album. "Every person, has their own personal ’hell’, and these are songs about some of mine, and I’ve put the songs together so that anybody else who has these problems can relate and find a release in our music, it’s heavy, it’s pissed, it’s American Hell."