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Dropout Year Holiday EP

Dropout Year

Dropout Year have a free holiday EP online.

Read all about it here:

"The time has come, once again, to release our annual FREE Acoustic Holiday EP ... to you, our friends. You’ve all been behind us for over 5 years now, and this is the least we could do to say thank you, and to let you all know how much you are appreciated.

We have named this year’s EP "The Seven Levels Of The Candy Cane Forest." We hope that any true fan of the Christmas classic ELF can appreciate this reference :)

The EP is available starting at 12pm EST today to our email subscribers. To subscribe to our email list, just click here: http://ymlp.com/signup.php?id=geuwjeugmgb. It only takes a minute, and we promise to keep your contact info confidential, and to only email you when there’s actually something important to share ... *cough* like a FREE EP :)

If you’d like to download the "The Seven Levels Of The Candy Cane Forest," but don’t want to subscribe to our email list, check back HERE later in the evening today for a link to get the EP. It will still be FREE, don’t worry. I mean, it is the season for giving after all!

LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE EP DIRECTLY: (will be here tonight)

Curious where we recorded the Holiday "The Seven Levels Of The Candy Cane Forest?" Well, it was tracked over the course of a few days with our old drummer Justin Childers over at Tightrope Recordings. Justin has been producing bands in the Baltimore area for a few years now, and is a great choice for up-and-coming bands looking for quality recordings at an affordable rate. Hit Justin up and tell him Dropout Year sent you!

Share this EP with your friends and family, and we hope each and every one of you has a Happy, Happy Holiday!

-Steve, Brandon and Adam