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eat sleep attack 2010 Plans

eat sleep attack

Here’s an update from eat sleep attack (Sam Little formerly of Fleeing From Finales and Clarkson): "It’s nearly the end of 2009 and I’m not gonna lie, I can’t wait for it to be over.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been an amazing year, I’ve been to some amazing places and met some incredible people. Released a CD that’s sold out of it’s pressing, done something like 120 shows on public transport and on my own, saw Taylor Swift and ultimately had the best of times. . It’s made me really love life and maybe that shows in the songs I’m writing now.. which brings me on to the main reason for this blog..

I’ve been keeping you waiting for what seems like forever, and I’ve been rubbish at letting you know why and telling you what’s happening. Well truth is, it’s caus I’ve actually been well busy, but as far as I care.. that’s not an excuse! You guys (&girls) come first!

My new CD is on it’s way, it’s four tracks of absolute niceness. I’m dead excited to show you all, but if I’m honest I’m also excited to get it back!! Y’see, I recorded it with top producer Jason Boshoff in November but being the extravagant man he is, decided to go on holiday for the entirety of December (and a little bit of January too) so I’m actually just sat with my guitar waiting for the tracks myself! It’s one of the many many reasons that I’m so excited for new year, for those that follow me on twitter (@eatsleepattack) will know ahah. But yeah.. as soon as it’s in my hands I’ll put something new up on the internet so you can hear and I’ll get to working on putting the CD up for sale etc.

I’m also working on getting out on the road a HELL of a lot more, doing shows both on my own and also with my fantastic new live band. They’re epic in themselves and we’re gonna have a lot of fun touring! So I’d definitely reccomend you get down to a show..

But yeah, have an incredible new year’s eve! I’m going to be at a pyjama party being awesome and probably wont remember anything in the morning. Take care yeah?