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German Skate-Punk crew ’Goodbye Jersey’ set free their debut long play ’Entertain Me!’ on 20th June 2011 through Long Beach Records Europe (home to Templeton Pek) / Plastic Head Code 7.

Labelling themselves as ’melodic bugle-punk’ [„mellodick bjugel pank“] – in short, a heady mix of pacey melodic skate punk and offbeat structures laced with hardcore tunes, the band’s sound fuses crusty guitars, hard hitting drums, and contagious sing-a-long anthems all mixed with real grit and delivered by a vocalist who has already been compared to a cross between Tom Delonge & Fat Mike – this is Goodbye Jersey.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany and formed in January 2009, five young scamps sporting a healthy obsession for a number of Fat Wreck bands decided to lock themselves up in a fifteen-square-metre windowless basement to celebrate punk rock the way it should be: fast, angry, dirty and sweaty. Within just one year, Goodbye Jersey recorded their debut EP which racked up underground praise, leading the quintet to sign with Long Beach Records. Thereafter, the band hit the road and bagged a series of shows with the likes of "This Is A Standoff" from Canada, "Left Alone“, "Star Fucking Hipsters“ and US ska-kings "Big D and the Kids Table“.

The melodic-punkers now release their debut album which molds captivating lyrics with a social consciousness and brims with uncontrollable hi-octane phrasing. Right from outset, the opening track "Angels & Western Waves" is an audible reference to the coalition currently governing Germany. "Wasteland" deals with the phenomena of gentrification in their hometown of Hamburg. "Kill Your TV” and "Radio Sux" are both damning verdicts of the mass media influence which consumes today’s youth. The band’s debut album ’Entertain Me!’ is aptly titled and also serves as a cynical swipe at society’s obsession with popular culture. Goodbye Jersey want people to take ownership for their lives instead of living life through a TV screen. This is their message and they’re intent on creating music that will help deliver it, be that in a sweaty venue or with their upcoming record – the lively quintet will be heard!