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Alternate noisesmiths ‘Hayabusa’ release their spanking new single ‘Evil Is Not That Laid Back’ on 24th January 2011, through Midge Bitten Records and all digital stores.

Although Hayabusa can be loosely described as an alternative rock band, as you peel back the aural layers, you’ll find a definitive edge that sets the band firmly apart from its’ contemporary counterparts. Each member brings something genuinely unique to create the Hayabusa sound; Bob Hallard (vocals / guitar) has a particular infatuation with unusual time signatures and rhythms, while Phil Hargreaves (bass) spits out crazy bass sounds and edgy grooves, and lastly Rich Adams (drums) programs synth tracks and approaches the drums with an unorthodoxed and original perspective. Progressive, yet accessible, Hayabusa have carefully knitted together a sound that is innovative, but without neglecting to actually write a killer song. As you can tell, the enterprising trio have a clear consciousness about their output and rightly so.

The dynamic trio have a clear focus and an evident affection for non-pretentious, driving rock, and tend to pull inspiration from the likes of Incubus, Oceansize and Messuggah. Haybusa impressively fuse the erratic rhythms and catchy melodies of Biffy Clyro with the heaviness and technical prowess of Tool, and they cap it all off with sweeping electronic soundscapes and beatings.

The Mancunians undertake a mammoth month-long UK tour next year in support of their brand new single ‘Evil Is Not That Laid Back’, and with a much anticipated debut album in the pipeline for Spring 2011, Hayabusa are sure to be one of THE bands to break in 2011!