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HPR Are Over!

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HPR has called it a day.

Read about it here:

"ok... never thought id have to write this, but... HPR is over.

We’ve been finding stuff very difficult over the last few months, and it had token its toll on our friendship. and it seemed all the fun had been sucked dry out of us.

We will be playing one last show on the 12th december at the Forum in Tunbridge wells.

we would all like to thank everyone that has suported us since weve started, people that have helped us along the way, came to our shows, carried our equipment when we’ve been to lazy, driven our fat asses to shows, and generally taken the time to speak to us. ment the world to us. im going to really miss busting my grooves. But most importantly, this means that the 4 of us can be better friends again, which is something that is far more important, but it does mean that i have to pull my finger out of my bottom and get a full time job haha.

Big thank you to everyone that enjoyed what we had to offer, best 4 years of my life.

HPR- Jake

Also, (rob here now) we will be carrying on as a 3 piece under a new name soon as Jonny, Josh and myself. We plan to do an album in January if stuff is sorted by then, so if you like HPR, please stay interested as it is not literally a break up. More a change of time and musical difference aswell as friendship.