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Humanfly - New album "Darker Later" released 8th Nov on Brew

Leeds’ finest forgers of the riff, Humanfly will release their third studio album entitled “Darker Later” on the influential UK label Brew (home to Kong, Castrovalva, Chickenhawk, These Monsters).

The psychedelic post-Hardcore band turned prog merchants formed in the early part of the decade featuring ex member of Canvas. The band offer epic, metallic journeys through huge heaviness and atmospherics with a dynamic blend of in your face hostility and subtle melodic textures.

Musically, Humanfly is not constrained by genres of heavy music. Their ever expanding, Sabbath driven Floyd esq soundscapes builds their compositions from the ground up, making it as diverse and multi-layered as 3000 watts of orange amplification can create, making a truly unique cathartic listening experience....and something that definitely needs to be experienced, or felt live. For this release the band are also joined by prolific collaborator Rose Kemp on the track ‘Heavy Black Snow’ whom has featured with numerous artists in the UK whilst steering her own career.

This is Humanfly’s 3rd album release following of from the acclaimed album “II” released on 20 Buck Spin (US) and their first release on Brew. Recorded by Ben Gardner @ Down the River Recordings the album give a snapshot of a band truly at the peak of their game and highly evolved into a monstrous behemoth of audio power.
Since destroying Mareira Fest in Spain this summer a UK tour planned for with The Ocean in October including an appearance at Brainwash Festival the band will continue to tour the UK in support of this release throughout November. Keep your eyes peeled on the bands myspace for further updates.

Humanfly – Darker Later track Listing:

1) This is Where Your Parents F*cked

2) English and Proud and Stupid and Racist

3) Stew for the Murder Minded

4) The Enemy of My Enemy is me

5) Darker Later

6) Heavy Black Snow (ft. Rose Kemp)


“Leeds’ post-metallers get Monolithic” - Terrorizer

“Expertly mixing bleak atmospheric ambiences with harsh moment of pure sonic turbulence. Genuinely fearsome and genuinely exhilarating – Rocksound

“A journey through shape shifting space rock ambience & crushingly heavy riffs” – KKKK – Kerrang