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Highly-rated Australian metal quintet emerge and release their debut EP ‘Lord of Woe’ through all major digital outlets from 28th March 2011.

Make Them Suffer have already swept their homeland down-under by storm and are ready to tackle the international scene, suitably armed and loaded with their stunning five-tracker debut ‘Lord Of Woe’, out this March 2011. ‘Lord Of Woe’ drags you by the hand and leads you through a darkened voyage of emotionally driven deathcore that skims the blackened waters of Death Metal and touches the shores of Black Metal. The end result is an epic passage that is brutal and mature, but ultimately highly engaging.

Formed during the middle part of 2008 and hailing from Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the world, which is an attribute that has served as an apt backdrop for the burly quintet’s brutally blackened symphonic Deathcore, Make Them Suffer are ready to unleash their colossal noiseblast to wider plains. Pulling from an array of influences that stem from the likes of noiseking contemporaries Bleeding Through and Whitechapel, through to old hands such as Deftones and even Placebo, MTS have shaped a highly addictive sound that fuses the most appealing elements of modern day Death and Black Metal through to Deathcore, all perfectly capped off by textured symphonics and intricate piano flurries.

Make Them Suffer already have a vast sea of shows under their belt including a series of impressive support slots with Between The Buried And Me, The Acacia Strain, The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth, among others. The Aussie bruisers are now set to forge their own name on the UK scene with their debut EP "Lord Of Woe". With the full bloodied fury of ‘Summoning Storms’, the record instantly hammers home with brutal aggression, and continues to build intensity through to the ear-shattering riffage and epic beatings of ‘Weeping Wasteland’, which draws the record to a suitably breathtaking climax.