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Matthew Thiessen (Relient K) Leaves Tour

Relient K

Matthew Thiessen (Relient K) has had to leave their current tour.

Here’s the press statement:

"Due to circumstances beyond any of our control, Matthew Thiessen needed to leave the Winter Wonder Slam last evening on a red eye flight to Canton, OH. It is with great sadness to report that Matt’s mother suffered a severe heart attack Monday evening. Matt flew home to be with his family and at his mother’s side as she undergoes quadruple bypass surgery. We truly appreciate your understanding and prayers during this highly emotional time.

In an effort to make most of this situation, the remaining members of Relient K (Ethan, John and Jon) will stay out for the last four (4) shows and play host to Tim Skipper of House of Heroes as they put together a medley of Holiday music and fan favorites. As an effort to make the shows special, we will host a contest to have a fan club member join the guys on stage to perform ’Sadie Hawkins Dance’!

Again, we thank you for your prayers and wish you joy in your hearts during the Christmas season."