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Modern Day Escape Sign To Standby Records

Modern Day Escape

Modern Day Escape have signed to Standby Records.

Singer James Vegas commented, “We never thought that they would really take us seriously when we contacted them. We jokingly messaged them on myspace and were shocked when Neil Sheehan (owner of Standby) wrote us back wanting to sign us.” Guitarist / vocalist Marti Rubels added, “We’re extremely excited to be with Standby Records. We’ve been writing constantly and have had a lot of plans for what we wanted to do as a band. Standby Records gives us the opportunity to fulfill those plans and push everything to the max.”

The band will enter Chin Music Studios in Cleveland with producers Don Debiase (Beneath the Sky, Driver Side Impact) and Johnny Burke (Forever In Terror, Vice On Victory) to record their upcoming full length slated for an early second quarter release. “We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel with this new album, we’re just trying to make a wheel that runs smoother.” Vegas remarked. Rubels continued, “With our new songs, we’ve elaborated on our sound in every possible direction. Our songs have a little something for everyone.” Guitarist Nic adds, “We all dedicated all of our time and hearts to writing this new album. It’s our blood, souls, sweat, and tears set in tracks to introduce us to the world without any compromise.”